斯巴达地区学校 is committed to creating lifelong learners who are caring and contributing members of society. 相信所有的学生都是独一无二的,我们提供了许多不同的机会. We set high expectations and believe opportunities create possibilities so students are encouraged to explore. Staff is committed to preparing students for success by supporting them to be confident, 创造性的思考者和问题解决者. For a bright tomorrow, we instill in students the confidence to pursue their dreams. Strengthening our schools strengthens our future workforce, helping develop talent in our district. The students and staff of 斯巴达地区学校 are grateful to our voters for approving the 强大的学校,强大的社区 millage, 这将有助于支持我们的学生学习和成长. 


斯巴达地区学校 will provide high quality educational opportunities to ensure success for all.


我们帮助学生考虑和联系可能的职业, build the skills expected in the workplace and learn about options after graduation, 包括大学, 技术培训或直接进入劳动力市场. 我们通过uedbet官网提供职业和技术课程. 除了, 斯巴达地区的学校, we create Educational Development Plans (EDP’s) for all of our general education students in grades 7-12. 我们也提供双注册, 大学同期课程, 以及斯巴达高中的先修课程机会. 在我们中学, we utilize 职业生涯 Cruising so our students can identify career interests and develop Educational Development Plans that help them plan for coursework to be successful. 对于K-5年级,我们提供青少年成就课程. 本课程向学生介绍金融知识的概念, 经济交流, goods and services and money management as students learn practical information about the need for employees who can meet the demands of the 21st century job market. 


强大的学术能力是所有K-12学习的基础, 从读写能力开始, 数学, 科学及社会研究. 除了这些领域, we engage students with a wide range of courses and after-school opportunities including 科学 Olympiad, 年鉴, 网站设计, 举重训练, 跳级, 以及我们高中的商业概论. We also offer after-school opportunities ranging from academic support, to band and athletics. 我们自豪地提供30多个课外项目, while competing in the Michigan Competitive Bands Association and the OK Blue Athletic Conference. 斯巴达地区学校 uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility as our framework for instruction where teachers model, 然后引导学生理解, 最终让他们独立工作. 在我们中学, we provide a comprehensive Spanish and accelerated math option for students. Both of these classes allow students to earn high school credits in middle school. 在初级阶段, we offer the Links Program where students connect with other students to be mentors. 我们也提供《uedbet官网》, 什么能激发小学女生的快乐, 健康自信用一种乐趣, 以体验为基础的课程,创造性地融入了跑步. Sparta After School Intervention (SASI) is offered to assist with language acquisition and vocabulary development for our 英语学习者. 


幼儿期是儿童一生中至关重要的时期, a time when they engage in the world around them and learn all the basics they will use in school and beyond. 斯巴达地区学校 provides educational opportunities to our youngest learners through our 儿童早期 首页 and 社区 Program, Three and Four Year Old Preschool and 儿童早期 Child Care Services. Sparta Schools' preschool program provides children with opportunities for play and interaction while emphasizing "doing" and discovery. The emphasis is on providing a family-centered approach to educating young children. 儿童发展运动技能, 交朋友, 学会表达自己的感受和想法, 对真实的事物做一些计数和测量. Our Great Start Readiness Preschool (GSRP) classrooms are a part of our early childhood program as well.


大多数学生在学习的某个阶段都需要一些帮助. 他们可能会在某一特定科目上遇到困难, 一项任务, 或者是对自己或家人的生活挑战. We work hard to support students so they succeed, including hiring the best staff to assist them. 在我们高中,我们提供指导咨询服务, 与社区资源的联系, and a daily Seminar course for students to get additional academic support from tutors or staff. 除了, we offer Success Quest support during lunches and after-school for academic and behavioral support, online learning opportunities and summer school for students to earn credits. 在中学阶段, we provide support in Math and a Language Arts as a Study Skills course option. All middle school students have the opportunity to seek/receive additional academic support in the Academic Support Center during their seminar class. We also offer our middle school students a Responsible Thinking Center to help them make choices that better support their learning. At all levels we have social workers, counselors and support staff to assist students. 在我们的小学和中学, we offer the Kent School Social Network (KSSN) which works with students and families to provide a wide range of support including housing, 心理健康服务和家长支持. 斯巴达地区学校 has a strong commitment to serving the whole child and our support services reflect this commitment.



  • 维持项目并增加教学岗位以减少班级规模
  • Provide additional mental health and support services for students and families
  • Additional 跳级 courses and dual-enrollment/大学同期课程
  • Added a School Resource Officer through the Kent County Sherriff’s Department
  • Additional professional development for staff, including training for new technology 
  • Maintain staffing of secondary guidance counselors to assist with college and career planning  






斯巴达地区学校 will provide high quality educational opportunities to ensure success for all.


与西密歇根的水果岭平行, 斯巴达地区拥有宁静的氛围和小镇的魅力. 交通便利,距离大急流城北部20分钟车程, 斯巴达提供多样化的劳动力市场, 就业机会, 优质的学校和丰富的住房潜力. 也许, 最明显的是, are the apple trees covering thousands of acres of rolling farmland all dedicated to the third largest apple industry in the country. Surrounding Sparta is some of the most scenic and peaceful countryside in Kent County. We are proud to welcome you to Sparta, a great place to live, grow and learn!